Monday, December 30, 2013

my tribute to Lil John Buttera

Lil John.
 I Know there has been a lot of  negativity from hot rodders
over billet parts.  But you cant deny that the late Lil john was an innovator, a craftsmen,
and built some awesome street and race cars. If you don't agree just read the article attached.

Started with 3 pieces of 6061.

Turned the I/D and O/D, then cut threads in booth ends.
The top and bottom are going to thread on with o rings to seal.

Threaded the bottom cap on and shaped it etch and sketch style
on the lathe.
Then used a hand grinder with a flap wheel to clean up.
No CNC here all done on manual machines
Put the inlet hole in on my dads mill, and then proceeded to
cut the cooling fins. 

Guess this is why people get so down on Billet parts. There is a lot of
material  left on the floor. My man Charles the scraper will be pleased.

This is were it was at when I ran out of film.