Saturday, November 1, 2014

welded up a scatter shield for a front engine dragster.

My buddy Eric Made me this righteous
Broom rack. Thanks man!

The power steering reservoir is almost done.

the mount

Aluminum dash insert.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

other shop happening

Alfa Romeo Stacks

Bentley Intake manifold repair

custom Mercury dash

Stainless Mercury trim caps

Packard tire carrier

Tire carrier

Chucky's 38 UL motor getting closer

Aluminum parts machine in my little shop

Model A powere steering reservoir

Radiator plumbed
starter wired in

Chucky's changes

Chuckys ever changing chop

a feww weeks later

Leo's 69 Shovel
Thanks for the opportunity to help on your bike.

Paul Cox Rigid Air compressor mounted

Exhaust and fender mounts

Fender clearance for starter and seat air bags

Stainless fender strut

Paul Cox Air bag bracket mounted

Custom foot controls

Steering dampener

Getting close

New fuel cap

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Been way to long since  have posted anything, so here are some photos of whats I've been workin on.

Aluminum belly pan for Rolls Royce.
Had to hand form beads, louvers were formed with a  die pressed into rubber

Made some parts for one of the Unversity of Michigans resarch labs.
This is the fixture I  machined to hold everything while it was welded.


Parts fresh from the Laser cutter

Assembled and welded

Been  helpin a buddy build a harley UL motor.
Welded up some bad pitting on the cases, we pressed later model bearing races in and new cam bushings.
going to line hone the races next. Just waitin on rollers.

Found this part at my dad's house. Off an old race kart. He said the whole kart was painted like this.

Work at a drag car shop a few days a week. This was in the other day for a little bit of fab work.

Buildin a dash for a 50 Merc.

Water pump housing for the Model A